Wheeled Cooler

by Igloo

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This igloo wheeled cooler box is your dependable choice.  Made in America, with a  storage capacity of 350ml.  98 cans can be accommodated · 58 Liter cooler box can be stored. The igloo maxcold (max cold) Series is a high performance series demonstrating its power for long-term cold storage. Ice is rated to not dissolve ice for 6 days at an outside air temperature of 32 degrees. Approximate dimensions : 55cm (including handle) × length: 45cm including carry handle) × H: 52 cm.  Has a water drainage ease drainage with a drain hole (with cap). - cooler box with a convenient wheel for moving. Cooler box.  $139.00 value.

Kit includes:

  • igloo (Igloo) Max Call Cooler Box 62 QT / 58 L Maximum Cold Storage 5 Days Cool

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