Universal Waterproof Phone Case


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Capable of fitting any smartphone up to six inches diagonally, the Joto Universal Waterproof Case is an excellent choice for smartphone owners looking for a little extra room. With the extra space the Joto provides inside its dry bag, there's plenty of room for credit cards, cash or a slim wallet. The clear window on both front and back allows easy access to take pictures or video, check e-mail or answer a call. The simple snap and lock access point are designed to resist the entry of dust, snow, sand, dirt and especially water. An included neck strap makes for extra convenience while carrying on the beach or at the pool. Offering IPX8 protection, the Joto can withstand up to 100 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, while multiple color options add a little bit of personalization. $11.96 value.

Kit includes:

  • JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Case