2-Burner Camping Griddle

by King Kooler

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Rent for: $2 per day

Full-size, 145 sq. in. (935.48 sq. cm) griddle fits entire stove surface. Whether cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, all of your burgers, pancakes and steaks will cook to perfection. King Kooker 9.25" X 15.75" Two Sided Cast Iron Griddle. Griddle has two helper handles, a smooth and one ribbed side. Cast iron construction allows for even heat distribution, eliminating cold spots. Excellent for camping. Pre-seasoned and ready to cook.  Product dimension 47.6 x 1.9 x 24.1cm ; Weight 3.63kg.  $49.99 value.

Kit includes:

  • King Kooker Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 2 Sided Griddle