Full Face Snorkel Mask For Adult

by Rocontrip

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Rent for: $10  per week

Rocontrip diving mask is made of liquid silicone + PC without skin irritation, which is Eco-friendly and non-toxic odor, four adjustable elastic headband design, broadside dual sealing design is from imitating human face makes it easy to use. Improve your visual field from traditional 120° to 180° to let you enjoy exploring the undersea world more with ultra clear cover. With Dry Snorkel Technology + Anti-Leak, no choking any more even you are a green hand snorkeling. The air hole will be closed when the snorkel tube immersed in water and will just provide a short time breathing for you with the air in the mask, and the air hole will open again once the snorkel tube is in surface of water. Portable with Removable Snorkel Tube and GoPro Mount. $39.49 value.

Kit includes:

  • Rocontrip 180°View Full Face Snorkel Mask