Cow Farm Hopper

by Farm Hoppers

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Rent for: $3 per day

Here come the Farm Hoppers bringing hopping, bouncing, boinging fun to your child's day. Made from high quality, brightly colored, BPA and phthalate-free plastic for long lasting use and durability, these animals combine excitement and fun with energetic exercise. They are excellent for both indoor use and outdoor use on level, safe surfaces such as lawns. A great outlet for all that tot energy, hopping also promotes body coordination, balance and lymph circulation while providing a fun workout. And the Farm Hoppers have a self-closing valve, no plug that can be a choking hazard like other animal hopper brands. Farm Hoppers can safely accommodate one child weighing up to 100 lbs. Recommended for ages 18 months through 4 years; includes hand pump for inflating. $29.99 value.

Kit includes:

  • Farm Hopper, Black and White Cow