Popcorn Machine

by The Canada Popcorn Company, Winco

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Rent for: $50 per day

The Pop Pup popcorn maker features a revolutionary removable serving tray that is the first of its kind. Once the corn has finished popping, simply remove the tray and enjoy fresh theater popcorn in the convenience of your home. The slide-out popcorn serving tray makes cleanup simple since it is dishwasher safe.  It can produce about 20-25 small bags every 5 minutes, and can be run continuously for about 15 runs before needing to take a break. That means with 1 machine, you can produce 300 bags over the course of an hour before you need to let it cool down. Includes removable aluminum popcorn scoop, popcorn tray, measuring spoon, measuring cup and instruction manual.  Product dimension 9.75 x 11 x 18.75in ; Weight 10lbs. $225.99 value.

Kit includes:

  • Canadian Commercial Popper Popcorn Machine, 8oz
  • Winco Aluminum Scoop, 12oz

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