Lightbox Letter Board

by My Cinema Lightbox

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Rent for: $5 per day

Inspired by retro cinema signs, My Cinema Lightbox is a great way to show your creativity! Slide the interchangeable clear plastic letters and characters into slots on the front of the light box to create words and imaginative phrases. The long format of the light box is great for home and wedding decor, milestone announcements, photoshoots, just about any creative idea you have. Its lightweight design allows for easy transport and is battery operated for portable use anywhere. Includes 140 letters, numbers, characters and blank tiles for spaces. Powered by 9V 500MA DC adapter (not included) or requires 6xAA batteries (not included). Product dimensions 2.36" H × 19.69" W × 5.91" L. $79.50 value.

Kit includes:

  • Vintage Cinema Lightbox