Electric Power Washer

by Karcher

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Kärcher’s 1900 PSI K1900RSC electric pressure washer is designed for easy operation, with its unique foot pedal on/off button to its removable twin detergent tanks, and surface cleaner. This compact and convenient design delivers strong cleaning power for most household jobs. The 3-tip spray nozzle allows for quick adjustment between low/medium speed and soap dispensing, while the turbo nozzle allows you to tackle those stubborn stains. The 7.6 m (25 ft.) hose with windup reel along with the 10.67 m (35 ft.) GFCI cord allows you to cover move cleaning surface. The removable bucket is convenient for storage and a quick cleanup; when finished, simply use the electric cord storage to protect the GFCI from being damaged. 25.4 cm (10 in.) wheels not tipping platform Uses up to 80% less water than a garden hose while delivering up to 35 X the pressure. Quick connect for easy set up and storag. Product dimensions (W x D x H): 48.3 cm x 48.9 cm x 88.9 cm (19 in. x 19.25 in. x 35 in.). Product weight: 18.2 kg (40 lb.). $259.99 value.

Kit includes:

  • Karcher K1900 Electric Power Pressure Washer 1900 PSI TruPressure, 1.3 GPM