Inflatable Travel Kids Bed / Foot Rest Pillow

by Roowsi

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Rent for: $10 per week

Best solution for parents traveling with kids - no more sleepless flights. Let your kids sleep through the long-haul flights. Creates a travel bed for your children to sleep on. Height-adjustable inflatable footrest fits between airplane seats and car seats.  Inflatable kids airplane bed, travel foot rest pillow, leg rest - no more swollen feet. 3-tier, 2-chamber, easy to adjust heights will work for most airlines, cars and SUVs. Ensure proper legs support so child's little legs and feet get better blood circulation.  Easy-To-Inflate, Lightweight, Portable, Reusable - Footrest inflates to (17.3 " x 15.4 " x 9.4 ") weights only 12 oz. Folds up easily into carrying pouch included. Bonus pillow dust cover.  Similar to jetkids’ products but more compact and travel-friendly! $28.99 value.

Kit includes:

  • Inflatable Travel Foot Rest / Kids Airplane Bed

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