8 Foot Beer Pong Table

by Outsunny

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Rent for: $10 per day

This beer pong table is perfect for your favorite party area or recreation room whether you need it for drinking games or serving snacks. You and your friends will have a party of a life time! When the party is over, it folds down to 2’ x 2’ and has two built-in carry handles that make transportation a breeze! The beer pong table sections have a small latch to keep the table locked in suitcase form throughout transit. Being portable, this beer pong table is perfect to take with you to parties, bars, tailgating events and anywhere else you may want to get your pong on! Great for indoor use or outdoor use, table height adjustable. Table size: open: 8ft x 2ft x 1.8'/2.3' tall ; closed: 2ft x 2ft x 5-inch with handles. Weight 10.5 Kg. $132.00 value.

Kit includes:

  • 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Adjustable Height